Thursday, June 21, 2012

And the winner is ....

I used to choose the winner of the Weight Watchers coupons.  Drum roll please .....

Dinat102 please send me an email with your address to ontheroadtotheskinnyme at gmail dot com and I'll get the coupons right out to you! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The scale

For the past year I've been on a rollercoaster with my weight.  Up a few pounds, down a few pounds.  I've become obsessed with the scale hoping that the number would be lower.  It can be quite frustrating to be working my tail off and limiting what I eat only to not see a change when I'd step on the scale. 
 About a week and a half ago I finally told myself that that number doesn't define who I am.  Yes the scale is staying the same but my body is changing - Parts of me are slimming down, I'm toning up, my clothes are fitting better and I've been able to buy the next size down.  This isn't even including the endurance that I now have and most likely overall better health within my body.  So even though the scale and I are constantly fighting with each other all my hard work really isn't going to waste.  I've only weighed myself 1x since then, which is huge because I would often weigh myself 2x/day! 
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Monday, June 18, 2012

The week to come

Here is how the week should play out for me.  It looks like a week of Zumba :

Mon- Zumba & ARC trainer
Tues- run
Wed- Zumba
Thurs-long Run
Fri- stretch & strength
Sat- Rest
Sun- Zumba - Boogie for Boobies

Just a few more days for your chance to win some Weight Watcher product coupons with my giveaway!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Funny Friday

Don't forget to check out my giveway.  Right now it takes just 1 comment and you'll be the winner. LOL

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Win it Wednesday!

I'm excited to announce my first giveaway!

A friend of mine gave me these coupons that she won from a Weight Watchers House Party.  Unfortunately I have ZERO restraint when it comes to having sweet foods in the house.  ZERO.  Instead of having the coupons go to waste or me overindulging, I decided to have a giveaway so one of you could benefit from them. 

Winner will receive:
(2) coupons for (1) FREE WW frozen novelty or cup product
(2) coupons for (1) FREE WW Sweet bakery product
(1) coupon for $1 off WW frozen novelty or cups
(2) coupons for $1 off 1 WW Sweet Bakery product

All coupons expire 7/31/12.

How to enter:
- follow the blog (leave comment saying you do)
- leave a comment saying what your favorite WW product is or your favorite healthy sweet treat
- spread the word - share on FB, your blog or twitter (leave 1 comment for each that you do)

So there you have it, the potential for 5 entries.  Contest ends 6/20/12 11:59pm.  Winner will be announced in the 6/21/12 blog post.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm going to kick your a$$ today

Is how my zumba instructor started off Saturday - and that she did.  Sadly it was her last class at that gym.  I only have 4 more visits left on the groupon that I purchased so hopefully the replacements will be just as good.  The husband ended up taking the kids to Ocean City on Saturday since I already had a few things planned for myself I was able to enjoy a full day to myself (minus the morning tball game).  Silly me thought it would be fun to go for a run in the afternoon when it was nearly 90 degrees and after over an hour of zumba and 15 min on the ARC trainer.  Yeah, I only ran for about 1 mile and ended up walking the other 2. 

Here is how I'm hoping the week shapes up in the exercise world.  I'm unofficially starting my training for Septembers RnR Philly half.  Official training starts the end of June, but I've been slacking with consistent running so I'm repeating week 1 a few times.  I'll be following the Hal Higdon plan and adapting it to fit my schedule:
Mon - ARC trainer + upper/core
Tues - run
Wed - Zumba kinect
Thurs - run + upper/core
Fri - elliptical
Sat - rest
Sun - run 4 miles 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Change of plans

Last night didn't go exactly as I had planned.  I got to the gym early enough for kickboxing, but then saw the time was changed to 7:15 which would mean that it wouldn't be over before the 8pm zumba class.  They were having an outdoor class and I didn't have my watch to be able to skip out in time to make it to the beginning of zumba.  so I chose to head to the cardio area for some machine work.  I did the Arc trainer for 1 hour and headed to the room where zumba is held, to find out that there was only the 7pm class that day rather than a 7pm and 8pm class.  I've had a very stressful week at home with the kids and was not ready to head home yet, especially to get home right at bedtime routine.  So I decided I needed to run out some of my frustration/anger.  The sun was still up but was starting to make it's way down so an outdoor run at the park would have had to been a short quick one.  I pass my regular gym on the way home so I decided to stop there for a run (I really dislike the treadmills at the other gym).  My goal when I got there was 3 miles.  Around 2 miles my ankle/shin area started to tense up.  I should probably have this checked out sometime but it's been going on for YEARS (as in over a decade).  All I have to do is stretch it out until my ankle area pops then all is well.  So I hopped back on the treadmill.  As I got closer to 3 miles I thought - Why not go for 4?  I was getting into that groove you get once everything is warmed up.  4 miles approached and I thought - heck what's another mile?  So I continued to 5 miles then walked the rest until the treadmill stopped at the 60 minute point when it automatically shuts down.  I was one red faced sweaty mess, but good golly did it feel good.  I haven't run 5 miles in a while - I forgot that feeling you get once you're one with a decent run.  So even though I didn't have the fun zumba class, I got my exercise therapy in and am already having a better day today than any other day this week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy National Running Day!

How should I celebrate?  With a zumba class of course.  It just so works out that tonight is zumba and possibly kickboxing if I can get to the gym fast enough rather than a running day.  Oh well.  Hopefully most of you will get some mileage in to celebrate.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I made these Southwestern Stuffed Peppers for dinner last night and wow are they good!  I used 3 peppers and had leftover stuffing (which by the way is perfectly amazing by itself).  I apparently wasn't as organized as I thought I was for the 17 day diet this week as I thought I was since as I was making these I realized that I wasn't really supposed to be having rice, but at least it was brown rice right?  Normally I'm not a fan of stuffed peppers but I like this consistency much better than the ordinary kind.

Monday, June 4, 2012

All signed up

Today was the first day to register for the 2012 Run the Bridge 10k and I'm now officially all signed up.  Hopefully this year I'll shave a few minutes off of my time from last year.

Today I'm on day 1 of the first cycle of the 17 day diet.  I decide that I need to jump start my healthy eating habits again after falling off the wagon recently.  To do that I really need a good laid out plan, and for me it's the first cycle of this diet.  So here's to hopefully getting back on track and not feeling so sluggish and tired.  This week should be a good one for me and the exercise world.  Here's how I'm hoping it will play out.

Mon- treadmill walk
Tues- run
Wed- kickboxing/zumba
Thurs- run
Fri- arc trainer/ upper body
Sat- zumba (my favorite instructors last day)
Sun- REST!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Funny Friday

Here we are Friday already!  After the husband being away all week and me lacking my workouts, I'm ready for some running and zumba this weekend.